my entire life is just a test to see if i’ll commit suicide or homicide first

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an old euphemism for queer female relationships was

female adventurer

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i told this girl she smelled nice today and she’s like

“sorry i’m not gay”

bitch i said you smelled nice not i want to lick your pussy


one of the hardest decisions i will ever make is which fictional character i’m going to name my child after

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i don’t know how to not curse

i’ll mean to say, “ooh, this is pretty” and it will come out as THIS IS THE NICEST FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE GODDAMN LIFE

it’s a problem

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  • Every teenager with no concept of money: Im moving out as soon as I get the chance


tumblr is boring today better go check tumblr

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