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Yall saying that scene was horrible that jamie raped her, but like everyone loved danys husband, that was rape scenes for like 3-4 episodes.

18,000 th post yay and shit

Period emotions.
Real or Not Real

All in a days work

We don’t have coupons in Canada.

I’m such a little bitch lol

Men lol

I can’t roll my eyes harder

Snoring beside me as this happens

Playing a fun little new game called fanfiction come to life. It’s not what I thought it was gonna be

meh   no1curr   

Sorry I haven’t been around just wanted to say CLOUD ATLAS IS AMAZINNN GHG

so good   no1curr   

"2013 is going to be so different!"

Spent the day on tumblr and reading fanfiction, looks about the same to me.

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All my best moments from 2012!